Mohit Midha

Mohit Midha

CEO & Co-Founder

Mohit is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mangahigh based in the UK. He has taken Mangahigh from the drawing board to a fast growing global business across US, UK, Australia and Brazil that is loved by over 5k schools.

Progressive and innovative in his approach, Mohit believes that a well-designed games-based approach should play a pivotal role in a modern teaching environment. A form of blended learning that not only allows for the greater personalisation of the classroom, but leads to a sizable increase in student achievement.

A close working relationship with teachers is crucial to creating a thoughtful and effective teaching platform, and a part of the job Mohit greatly enjoys. Guiding teachers on how to embed technology in their teaching programs, he has visited several hundred schools across the US, UK, Australia & India to run professional development programs.

Games-Based Learning in Maths

Room C Secondary Grades 7-12

Mohit will talk about the essential ingredients that make games effective as teaching tools and what to look for when selecting games for education. He’ll also explore some ideas around how games can become a core part of your maths lesson plans and how to get the maximum impact from a blended instructional model using […]

Secondary Grades 7-12