Dr. Cory A. Bennett

Dr. Cory A. Bennett

Associate Professor of Education specializing in curriculum and instruction

Dr. Bennett is a passionate educator who strives for equity in learning for all students. As a global consultant and an Associate Professor of Education specializing in curriculum and instruction, he has presented throughout the United States and across the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and Asia. His previous educational experiences include teaching middle school mathematics, working as a middle school mathematics coach, new teacher mentor, and a K-12 district level instructional resource teacher in culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse communities in Hawaii. He is dual certified to teach elementary K-8 and 6-12 mathematics and is a National Board Certified Teacher in Mathematics—Early Adolescence.

Learning to be an Effective Problem Solver

Room C Secondary Grades 7-12

Learning to be an effective problem solver requires critical thinking and persistence. By engaging in non-routine tasks and using journals where students have ample time to learn and develop mathematical behaviours, they became effective problem solvers. This session focuses on understanding how to create authentic and equitable problem solving experiences that are accessible to all […]

Secondary Grades 7-12